3626 Col. 5021

Every item in the new collection highlights the seamless merging of form and function. Each new pair features unique and vibrant aesthetic characteristics complemented by visible technical functions incorporated into its overall look, standing strong a bold and independent new design.

3631 Col. 1112

It is a follow up to the delicate Wire Temple Metal, now available in two new retro-inspired shapes with a modern twist, that represents the simplicity and clean design aesthetic which is the essence of the Danish Heritage collection.

3643 Col. 6032

The variation of masculine and feminine models are all instant classics in their shapes, but with surprising details that set them apart and give them that little extra cutting edge or unique pop of whimsy.

6931 Col. 9131

The frames are developed with flawless high precision and fine craftsmanship. With sporty references and a focus on flexibility, this is the collection for the modern and active male.

1441 Col. 9331