Prodesign was founded on the firm belief that eyewear can be so much more than its function. Ever since our beginning in 1973, we’ve combined a deep expertise in optics with a strong focus on design – shaping and refining every frame until the expression is just right.

It’s in the intersection between skilled craftmanship, profound knowledge
and visionary ideas that the right frame is created. Our collections are broad in variety, yet always special. Innovative and distinct or simply classic design – because working with no middle ground is our signature. Throughout time we’ve proven that iconic eyewear can arise solely from working with quality materials with slight refinements – or a bold willingness to dare and do the unexpected.

To us, every frame should tell a story. Yours.


When we started Prodesign in 1973, we knew that we wanted to create progressive and visionary frames. Frames that stood out. Ways for the modern individual to truly express themselves – representing what was coming more than what already existed.
That kind of daring philosophy has now become our trademark.

In 2023, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary and for the first time in a while, it’s time to look back. In honor of crafting visionary designs for half a century, we will re-visit four of our most iconic frames – releasing them one by one. We will add new touches and design choices, making every icon sharper and more distinct than ever.
ICONS celebrate yesterday – and the days to come.



American born Gail Spence is an innovator. At the age of 20, Gail’s interest in the Scandinavian design mentality made her move to Denmark to pursue a dream of becoming a jeweller. Here, she started
to explore the limits and opportunities of her craft by producing jewellery from brand new materials such as high-quality metals.

In 1987, Gail developed her iconic aluminium frames, comprising a unique and daring style that simply couldn’t go unnoticed. It was only natural for Prodesign to join Gail in producing and launching such
a defining piece of eyewear. The result is a striking combination of two worlds: The colorful and expressive American mentality meeting the Danish devotion to form and function.

Now our collaboration is resumed. In 2021, we’re relaunching the recognisable No. 1 design with a new and contemporary take on the iconic frame. Additionally, our design team have worked closely with
Gail to create two new shapes with innovative temple structures that provide the frames with a natural flex and unique expression – but still inspired by the original design.