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Established in 2023, Bridge pdi crafts eyewear rooted in the belief that life is meant to be explored endlessly and tailored to you walking down your own path — also when it comes to eyewear. The idea behind every frame is to inspire, excite and spark reflection, so you can cross over to a realm of expression that knows no bounds. 

The Bridge name is a direct reference to the Bridge Quartz Crystal — a smaller crystal which sits within and protrudes out of a larger crystal. It marks a new brand connection to the Prodesign family, ‘bridging the gap’, towards explorative and daring journeys.

"BRIDGE is directly inspired by the raw elements of the earth, stones and minerals that surround all of us."

Cathrine Colding Haugerud

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Find your force


While this may look like a classic, it’s an expressive frame at the same time. FLINT is one of our latest additions to the BRIDGE.pdi collection. Its facetted and carved twist in both front and temples along with its highly modern look creates an edgy and contemporary shape. This is underlined by an explorative colourway — coming in five variations ranging from a matte black to transparent hues and a havana.


Inspired by the raw powers of nature, we’re introducing another strong frame within the BRIDGE.pdi collection. This is FIRE. It’s a highly futuristic shape with subtle references to the past – and a strong geometric take as seen in the clean-cut facets defining the front and temples. It will be available in a bold color selection with a variety of different lens colours.


Elongated, elegant and extraordinary: Experience Moonstone. Its contemporary, flat and rectangular look creates an expressive design piece that is both elegant and bold. Like the rest of the collection, Moonstone has carved and facetted details that provides a special appearance — especially seen in the high-volume temples. It comes in brand-new Ivory and Cognac colours drawing on inspiration from nature — and is available in black and green as well.


Striking, bold and graphical. Kunzite is strongly inspired by the core principles of both scandinavian and japanese design traditions. The round shape, distinct bridge and sculptured temples provides a striking appearance, which is underlined by the range in the colorway. You’ll be able to go for prominent styles in clean black or deep burgundy towards the classic and nature-driven colours of tortoise or green.


Lapis commands attention — and it’s as emotionally powerful as its name and origin indicates. You’ll initially notice the bold and rectangular shape and then discover the faceted details that make the front both striking and subtly playful at the same time. The lower b-dimension of the frame provides a larger fit — or a just more prominent expression. It comes in a sleek black or in hues and finishes that only underlines its unique edges.


This is where classic elegance meets raw and inciting lines — known from rock‘n’roll as well as biker culture. We’ve combined a cateye shape with the chunky and carved aesthetics from our own DNA, which is especially seen in the facets and temples. The result is a striking frame that doesn’t go unnoticed. It comes in a lemon, classic green, sleek black — or a transparent smoke that underlines the dynamic and rebellious style of the frame.


The most carved look of them all: Malachite invites you to explore possibilities and break free. Its carved, geometric and confident front is accompanied by facets running along all parts of the frame and along the temples giving it a different and style provoking feel — and a unique sense of completeness in the design. Get it in a daring transparent champaign or green and feel the surge of self-expression.